SYMPHONY Home Bills and Cash 2012 for Windows 10


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The program allows you to schedule and conduct sales in companies that do not have a magazine. Exhibiting different types of sales documents: VAT invoices, receipts, VAT not included in the sale and corrective actions. Controls the payment to be issued for sales documents. Works with fiscal printers and barcode readers. Comfortable handling and sales planning-Entry of items in the sales documents manually (without limitation) or automatically (by selecting from the list of goods consisting of more than 1,000 selections) - Support for fiscal printers (Optimus, Elzab, Posnet, Inova) and barcode readers can be put off-invoice for waiting-Keeping flexible price and discount policy thanks to rebates for each item-Ability to limit the amount of trade credit for each customer-Keeping pricing (including currency) - Trading Statements contractors (according to the documents and goods) and goods (according to the documents and contractors) - Creation of sales records VATPełna payment processing and clearing-Issue of cash receipts and cash-reporting of registrations payments, including partial-documents issued for the Settlement of receivables and payables-service bank accounts, transfer printing, record checks and payments any forms-control settlement and payment terms (documents due and unpaid, debtors) - Full payment processing and settlement of the counterparty Sharing data with other programs-Prepare data for programs serving the receipts and disbursements and the Book of Records of Sales and Trading-Co-operation with MS Office, among others, statements copy to the Windows clipboard and transfer them to other programs (MS Excel or MS Word ) NOTE: When you select "Download", you will be directed to the manufacturer web page where you fill out a form to get a trial version.